Why don't I feel anything right away?

Cannabis affects everyone differently, especially when in edible form. The effects of cannabis can take two hours or more to metabolize and onset. Certain actions, like eating fatty foods for example, can help speed up the metabolism of a cannabis infused edible within your body. It is important to remember to wait the full two hours before consuming more than 10 milligrams.

How long do the effects last?

The lasting effects of a cannabis infused edible are different for everyone. They are determined by your personal metabolism, tolerance, and the amount consumed.  In most cases the effects last from two to eight hours.

What do I do if I take too much?

Cannabis tolerance is different for everyone. Typically, dispensaries will recommend a maximum of 10 milligrams as you explore your own tolerance.

How do I ensure each product is consistently infused?

We have strict quality assurance standards and some very expensive equipment to ensure that the weight and dosage are well within state limits on variance.  In Colorado, it is acceptable to have a variance as high as 15% from product to product.  At Altus, we don’t think that is good enough and we strive for a 5% variance or better from the stated dosage.

Where are your products available?

Currently we only sell our products in Colorado and Nevada. We are in negotiations to expand to other states and internationally, please continue to check back here. IT IS ILLEGAL TO TRANSPORT ANY CANNABIS PRODUCT ACROSS COLORADO STATE LINES!

Can you ship your products to me?

No. As a wholesale manufacturer of cannabis infused products, we can only sell to licensed dispensaries in the state of Colorado and Nevada, and only to dispensaries that are legally allowed to sell to the general public.